How our support groups work

When parents join a support group they will see the faces of other parents like them on the screen. Not only will they hear their story in others’ stories, share the experience of finding help in community and hope in connection, but they will also get their own mentor to guide the way, an amazing service that comes with membership!

Daily Support Groups

Members gain access to unlimited support groups from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm.


A Safe Space

Choose your privacy settings. Be as anonymous as you want with your name, sharing and camera options.


Parents Helping Parents

Two Peer Parents facilitate each support group to guide, monitor and ensure a safe space. Opening with their own personal shares, so members to feel comfortable and connected. Meet our Peer Parents.


A Sharing Community

Each support group centers on a topic to guide the conversation. Common topics include:
   •    communication
   •    boundaries
   •    self-care
   •    vulnerability
   •    gratitude

This is a place to talk about how you’re feeling, how the topic resonated with you or to share something that is on your mind.

Use the chat to feel connected, post questions, inspirations, thoughts or encouragement.


Parent Mentorship

Meet your mentor who will connect you to our amazing community and steer you to the resources and benefits you need. We all know that overwhelming feeling while going through a crisis but you are NOT alone! Learn more.


Flexibility on Time

We close 5 minutes before the hour, enabling members to leave as needed. A sense of community is created as all members read an inspirational message together, out loud.

This is a safe space

Advice is never given

Sharing leads to healing

What’s included in a membership?

At least 15 support groups each week
  • Support groups start as early as 7:30 am EST and run as late at 9:30 pm EST.
  • We offer general groups, identity-based support groups, such as Women’s and Men’s, and special groups, such as Coffee and Gratitude and Trauma Informed Yoga.
  • Led by 2 of our incredible group facilitators, our Peer Parents – parents just like you who are on their own journey towards healing.
Unlimited access to our Resource Hub

This is included in your 14 day free trial or our Premium membership option.

  • Browse our searchable hub of over 1,000 books, podcasts, articles, videos and more.
  • Utilize our glossary of mental health key terms and phrases.
  • Find the support you need with our Support Directory of industry professionals.
Weekly Speaker Talks
  • Attend our Thursday weekly Speaker Talks, with industry experts, wellness professionals, parents, coaches and more.
  • Listen in and or participate in the Q&A.
  • Recordings of our Thursday Talks are kept in our resource hub for members to go back and watch again, or watch for the first time if you missed it live (included in your 14 day free trial or our Premium membership option).
Once a Month Expert Panels
  • Once a month we host a panel of experts, ranging from parent coaches to yoga masters and meditation gurus, to people in the film industry talking about mental health in the movies.
  • Panels offer a unique format of Q&A’s, offering insight into the experiences of others in the space and information in their areas of expertise.
  • Recordings of our Expert Panels are kept in our resource hub for members to go back and watch again, or watch for the first time if you missed it live (included in your 14 day free trial or our Premium membership option).
Parent Stories
  • You are important and your story matters! Sharing your story reduces the shame and stigma around mental health.
  • We feature stories members have shared in our story library. Watch one here.
  • Want to submit your own story? Simply fill out the form and we will begin the process of reviewing your story.
Attendance & Badges
  • Earn badges for attending support groups for multiple weeks in a row (streaks), donating a membership and more.
  • Feel acknowledged for your participation with a count of the number of groups you’ve attended during the lifetime of your membership.

“My lifeline comes from support groups. Grappling with these issues in a welcoming peer environment has catapulted my growth.”



Conversation around a lot of different mental health issues

Need Help Now: Let us point you in the direction of other resources. If this is an emergency, please call 911.
If you or a loved one is in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, call 988.