Parents who heal help their children in the process.

Other Parents Like Me was founded to address the worldwide crisis of teenage mental health issues by creating an empowered online community of parents supporting parents with help, hope, and healing.


Our children face a crisis of despair. They need us.

It’s not just your family. Struggles from mental health issues and the use of alcohol and drugs are destroying the lives of countless children, their families and our communities.

1 in 5 children

struggle with a mental health, substance use or learning disorder.

Source CDC

4.4 million

or 7.1% of children ages 3 to 17 have diagnosed anxiety.

Source CDC

Every 11 minutes

someone loses a loved one to suicide.

Source CDC

“Having a kid dying in front of you that you can’t help can be the most traumatic experience in a parent’s life.”

Patrick Barrasso, LCSW – Founder, In Balance Continuum of Care


We can find healing — together.

  1. The trauma, chaos and pain has to stop.
    We understand the isolation and silent trauma parents experience when a child is out of control with mental health issues.
  2. Connection is the antidote to addiction.
    Our healing starts when we connect with other parents like us, hear their stories and share our experience.
  3. Parents who heal help their children in the process.
    When we get the support we need, we find the safety and strength to accept ourselves, and our children, as we are, in each moment.
  4. Each of us can find our own path to hope and healing.
    As we meet other parents on this journey, we uncover the insights, qualities and resources we need to take the right next step.
  5. Together we are stronger.
    We find hope through community, help through listening and healing through sharing.


Three moms determined to make a difference.

We found each other during one of the most challenging times in our lives — watching our children struggle with substance use and mental health issues.

Our families were impacted. Our lives became unmanageable. And we struggled to find support — until we met each other at a therapeutic boarding school where we had each enrolled our sons. As we met other parents like us, we felt an immediate connection and the relief that comes from knowing you aren’t alone. As we shared our stories and learned from parents further along the path of healing, we realized we had something precious—each other. And Other Parents Like Me was born.

Join our team!

We are always looking for collaborators to help us reach and support parents and families more effectively.

If you share a love that comes from healing by helping others, please reach out with a message, cover letter, or resume to reflect how you can contribute to growing our community.

While we do not have any jobs open currently, we will keep your materials for when the time might be right to collaborate. Thank you!

[email protected]

Need Help Now: Let us point you in the direction of other resources. If this is an emergency, please call 911.
If you or a loved one is in emotional distress or suicidal crisis, call 988.