Event Series Solo Moms Support Group

Solo Moms Support Group

Hosted by Annie E., Sheila L.

Gather with other solo moms who have children struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues; come share stories and experiences with moms who get it. A solo mom is divorced, widowed, or single parent of a child. We welcome those moms who may still be with a partner who is not engaged in co-parenting […]

Event Series Solo Dad’s

Solo Dad’s Support Group

Hosted by Andy G., Peter G.

Are you a solo dad and who may be struggling with your ex-partner, children or other issues? Or do you just feel a bit alone and misunderstood and wish to connect with other solo dads? In this support group, you can meet with other solo dads where you can share stories and experiences in a […]

Event Series Self-Compassion


York A Headshot

Hosted by York A., Jennifer D.

As a parent of a child who is struggling, it is helpful to reflect on compassion. And how about when we parents are struggling? Self-compassion is the ability to treat ourselves with kindness, understanding, and care, especially when we are suffering, struggling, or making mistakes. Self-compassion can help us cope with stress, improve our well-being, […]

Event Series Newcomers Support Group

Newcomers Support Group

Tippy HYork A Headshot

Hosted by Tippy H., York A.

Our Newcomers Support Group is open to all who are in their first 90 days of membership with OPLM. Come share your story and be with others who are at a similar stage of their journey. Learn about how our support groups work and how to navigate our website for the best member experience.

Event Series Meditation


Holly O

Hosted by Holly O., Liz W.

Our Meditation Support Groups are open to members of all experience levels and are an opportunity to take time to reflect, to breathe and simply to be. Each session ends with sharing time to help process the experience.

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